Mappa Moseley

I have a personal interest in old maps, and the history of the South Birmingham area where I live.  In my spare time I decided an interesting project would be to digitise the 1838 tithe map of Kings Norton, including the land use and names of the land parcels as they appear in the accompanying tithe book (both of these are available to view in Birmingham Library).

This map is a work in progress, and I’m doing bits and pieces as I find time.  My eventual aim is to map the entirety of the Parish of Kings Norton (of which Moseley, Kings Heath, Stirchley, Cotteridge were all part of before they became part of Birmingham).

History pages and maps completed so far:

Stirchley | Cotteridge | Brandwood End | Haunch Heath | Kings Heath | Moseley | Balsall Heath

An overview map is below:

Overview Map

Maps for individual parks/Open Spaces:

History pages and maps completed so far:

Moseley Bog

Maps only:

Highbury Park | Cannon Hill Park  | Dawberry Fields Park | Hazelwell Park | Brandwood End Cemetery | Cotteridge Park

Overview Maps:

Moseley Yield 1770 | Moseley Yield 1838


Some Extracts are Below:

Maps showing historic land use and field names:



Maps showing historic land ownership: