Flags of the Black Country

Black Country Flag Most of the towns of the Black Country¹ don’t have flags.  I thought it might be an interesting challenge to create flags for some² of the towns based (where possible) on the historic town coats-of-arms. Below are the results, alongside the four flags that already exist (Bloxwich, Finchfield, Kingswinford, Willenhall). ¹Here I’ve… Continue reading Flags of the Black Country

Mappa Moseley

Woodgate Valley – a History

The area which is now Woodgate Valley Country Park has a long and rich history associated with it.  Today, there can still be seen traces of the site’s past land use - from bronze age remains and medieval moats to ancient field boundaries and woodland as well as old trackways and signs of former industrial… Continue reading Woodgate Valley – a History

Mappa Moseley

Woodgate, 1840

Before becoming part of the city of Birmingham in 1911 Woodgate used to lie within the far western part of the  ancient parish of Northfield in the county of Worcestershire. Woodgate was bounded by the following areas: To the west by Lapal, in the ancient parish of Halesowen, which since Norman times, had been a… Continue reading Woodgate, 1840

Mappa Moseley

Balsall Heath, 1838

Before becoming part of Birmingham in 1891, Balsall Heath used to be part of Kings Norton Parish in the county of Worcestershire.  This old parish was divided into ancient divisions for tax reasons known as ‘yields’ and Balsall Heath was within the ‘Moseley Yield’ along with Moseley, Kings Heath and Brandwood End.  The remainder of… Continue reading Balsall Heath, 1838