View from Selly Manor

Birmingham Heritage Open Weekend

Occasionally it’s good to feel like a tourist in your own city, and Birmingham Heritage Open Weekend affords plenty of opportunity to do just that. ┬áThere were lots of great options to chose from – last year I decided to visit both the Botanical Gardens and Brandwood Cemetery – but this year I decided to explore Bournville.


I’ve never before taken the time to properly explore the area around Bournville Village Green but, despite the rain I found lots of interesting things to see including Selly Manor Museum (which I’d never visited before) – an entire Tudor house which had been relocated by the Cadbury family when Bournville was created.

DSCF1584 Selly Manor

Inside it’s certainly bigger than it looks from the outside, and each room is filled with furniture and curiosities going back several centuries.

The grounds, though small, were also a joy to explore and despite the very changeable weather I managed to spot a couple of hoverflies basking and flitting from flower to flower.


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