Last spring I put together a hoverfly poster to act as a visual introduction to the range of hoverfly species present in UK.

The poster shows just a handful of the 280+ hoverfly species recorded here and the images are all based on photos which I’ve taken in Birmingham and the Black Country over 2016/17.  These are all quite common species so are likely to be seen in most parks and gardens (in the midlands at least!).

Hoverfly Poster

A printable A3-sized PDF of the poster can be downloaded here.

I’ve also produced a range of hoverfly an other wildlife-themed items which you can buy in the shop (coming soon!)

While the poster acts as quite a good introduction to hoverfly recording there is a range of excellent books and websites available to help with hoverfly identification:


Hoverfly Recording Scheme


Britain’s Hoverflies: A Field Guide – by Stuart Ball and Roger Morris (2015)

British Hoverflies: An Illustrated Identification Guide by by Alan Stubbs and Steven J. Falk (2002)

Other Websites:

Flickr: Steven Falk

Naturespot – Hoverflies